Failing at Google Interviews

I’ve participated in about four sets of Google interviews (of about 3 interviews each) for various positions. I’m still not a Googler though, which I guess indicates that I’m not the best person to give this advice. However, I think it’s about time I put in my 0.002372757892 bitcoins. I recently did exactly this to […]

Hero Typing

“Who is your hero?” is a question I’ve been asked, but never had an answer for. Why is this a question that people are compelled to ask? Are we expected to have a hero, like a favourite colour or number?

I Don’t Know What the F*** I’m Doing

This is a nice article I read back in February which discusses why it’s a good thing when you realize how very little you know. I feel just like that right now, and I’m enjoying it because there is so much territory left to explore… No One Knows What the F*** They’re Doing (or “The […]